Eeekkkk I’m really doing this


I’m Donna, also known as the how does she do that super mum. I have finally decided to start a blog! I know to many of you this won’t seem like a big deal but to me this means so much. So I would like to thank everyone in advance for their support on my new journey.

So a little about me then aye…. Well my main go to answer is that I have 3 beautiful children who are my entire world, Tyler Sean (5), Brooke Summer(2), and Cole Carter(7 months). I have a partner called Phil who has been by my side for the last 8 years. I’m 27 years young and currently on maternity leave until the end of September 2017


So why am I doing this? Why now? Well I don’t have an answer really to justify this but I feel that now it just feels right. Yes I am 27 and a mum of three but this doesn’t define me and to be honest I’m not quite sure who I really am. I know my likes and dislikes but I’ve never really understood myself all that well. I’m hoping that writing will help me to dig a little deeper and reveal some of these answers for me.

So these posts are going to be completely honest. Honest about everything, my children, myself as a mother, my relationship with my partner,  and my over all look on the world. I hope you will continue to support me on my journey…. it’s going to be fun.

Love as always,

Donna Marie Howard


3 thoughts on “Eeekkkk I’m really doing this

  1. HI Donna so great to meet you! Wow 3 kids at 27 you are a superwoman! You’ll find that the blogging community is such a supportive one and you’ll come to meet wonderful people! I can’t wait to read your posts! Xx 😊

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