Facebook Blues


Do you ever find yourself getting the Facebook blues? Where you scroll and scroll reading everyone’s posts and looking through their pictures and the result is that you feel quite down. Looking at other mum’s posts about their children, how partners have treated their other halve, people going on holiday, or just nights out. You get the ‘my life isn’t like that’ feeling. After you have spent time on Facebook a sort of emptiness hits you, like you must be clearly missing something or doing something wrong, and then jealously kicks in.

Have you ever really sat there and thought properly about Facebook? Have you really delved into what it is that we’re all looking at, what we’re seeing and reading?

We’re all seeing what the person in question would like us to see. We’re seeing their best bits. We’re mostly seeing the positive side to everyone’s story. What they deem acceptable to show to the Facebook audience.

There isn’t anything wrong with doing this, not at all. I know that I’m guilty of doing this. I like to show when I’ve been somewhere nice, or when something good has happened to me. I never show the parts where I’m stressed out so much from repeating myself over and over to the kids, asking them to pick their toys up or just stay sat at the table whilst they eat their tea. Me personally I think this is because I feel that I will be judged, that it’s not social acceptable to admit that as a mother of three I sometimes feel so stressed out that I need to cry a little. Well guess what? That’s exactly what I do. I don’t really receive ‘me’ time, hey I barely receive ‘toilet’ time to myself without the door opening and a crowd forming. But this is part of my package now. I accept this.

I miss the days of the disposable cameras. You would just take a picture and until it was developed you didn’t know what it would look like. Even when you did get the pictures back, you couldn’t change them. Now a day most people have the luxury of owning their own mobile smart phone, which comes with a very handy camera. The pictures taken on these can be seen and deleted and took again if they’re not seen good enough. We keep going until we believe that we have taken the right picture that is acceptable to show to Facebook. Even still in some cases parts of the picture will be cropped down so we can hide the parts of the picture we dislike.

These are my examples of what I put on Facebook recently. My weight loss picture I took my hair down and shook it a bit to try and make myself look a bit better. Even still I didn’t deem the picture taken to be any good until the thirteenth picture that I took.
2 stone

The next picture is currently my profile picture. I searched the house to find a room that had good enough lighting. I took twenty-three pictures until I decided that the picture was good enough.

I think we should all appreciate what we’re shown on Facebook. No judging, no jealously. Everyone has their bad days, everyone has their good days. We don’t know the full story. That holiday that we keep seeing pictures of, probably took a long time to pay for. That night out that looks amazing, might be the only night out that person has had in months. That mother that appears to have her shit together, probably dealt with a numerous number of tantrums that day.

We all have a story to tell, no story is perfect. Everyone has imperfections. We all work with what we’re dealt with. We’re all strong and each person in life achieves different things, but no one is better than the other. Don’t let the Facebook blues cloud your judgement, lets listen to the story being told to us. Let’s support one another and be happy for each other’s achievements.

Love as always;

Donna Marie Howard

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