Wrapped in Cotton Wool

Good Evening,

I often read and watch the news. I listen to the stories about terrorism, murder, and other types of violence and it leaves me terrified. Don’t get me wrong it does scare me for my own benefit but the thing that terrifies me the most is if something were to happen to my children. This would be my worst nightmare. I find myself wrapping the children in cotton wool just to keep them safe. What kind of life is this though?

When were out I like to keep my children close in fear that something might happen to them. It’s not just about crossing the road, watching them near glass products. It’s about them going missing, or worse being kidnapped.

I have tried to make a game out of stranger danger with Tyler. Even though the topic isn’t funny what’s so ever. Tyler has only just turned 5, and I needed to ensure that he understood what I was telling him. I needed to imprint the facts into his brain. We played this game a few times and at first, he didn’t quite understand what I was trying to teach him, but now he does. He knows exactly what to do if he ever found himself in a situation where he felt threatened by a stranger.

Am I as a parent taking this a step too far? Some people might think this is the case. I just know that it seems like the world is getting a darker place to live and I would rather lead him through the darkness, than allow it to swallow him whole.

Maybe sometimes I am a little too safe with my children. I need to stop worrying so much and allow them to make some small mistakes. Allow them to do things where they might hurt themselves. Let them learn that they’re not invincible and they might get hurt. By ‘small mistakes’ I mean things like, throwing themselves upside down on the swing in the park, and Leap frogging over metal posts.

I fully hope in my heart that we can turn this world around. I believe if we all work together, we can make a difference. But for now, whilst that is in the process, just remember that there is bad stuff out there and we must educate our kids. Let’s make this world the best place to be, the best place to live in. Let’s do this for us, let’s do this for them, our Future.


Love as always;

Donna Marie Howard


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