lift them up, don’t knock them down

I always thought of myself to be a strong-minded person. I’m the type of person that “feels” other people’s feelings. I always believed that everyone was like this, but they’re not. I seem to always get a grasp of how someone is emotionally feeling, and I try to build that broken bridge. I have always been the person to fix the problems for everyone else, but then when I needed them, no one was there to do that for me. I was too busy pushing the person in front of me, I didn’t realise that I was leaving myself behind.

When I was in school I was never popular- not even in the slightest. But I knew who I was and that was me- I was the girl who liked to challenge herself- who liked to read Buffy scripts in the corridors in a very bad American accent. I had the world at my feet and I wanted to grab it, if only I knew how. I had a great group of friends around me, I have a lot of fun memories from around that time- but we all grew up, we all went our separate ways. Then mostly there was just me, and there was just her.

By her I mean my best friend. No matter what she stuck by me. She was around for the highs and she was around for the oh so many lows and never seemed to judge. We went months without talking, when we did talk again it just started from where we left off. Then became the days where we would send each other ridiculous amounts of voice notes every day, just to say the same old silly things, help each other smile, help each other get through it. You see, like me, she too puts other people first. She too forgets to tell herself how amazing and empowering she is, that’s why I try my hardest to remind her.

I have gone through a lot of dark times, but she has always been there to guide me through it and spur me on, helping me to realise that the dark times weren’t so dark after all. I had and still have my very own beautiful cheerleader!

We all need that someone. We all need to be that someone. Let’s not focus on pushing people down, instead let’s help lift people up. Life is tough, but also remarkable. Share your experiences with others,  help them learn from past mistakes.

Remember we don’t need to sugar coat ourselves, no one is perfect, but that’s okay. It’s okay to be yourself. It’s okay to be different. Embrace yourself, know your own self-worth. Most important thing to remember is too smile!…. Honestly no one truly has there shit figured out.


Thank you Chadelle!
Love as Always;

Donna Marie Howard