I’ll listen, and I won’t judge

After watching the recent documentary on Leaving Neverland, I was left feeling clarity, misunderstood, and proud of the two Gentlemen in question who had stood up and spoken about their secrets.

For those of you who might not of watched this documentary, it surrounds two young Gentlemen, Jimmy and Wade as they reveal their deepest secrets regarding a person that they would describe from their younger years a mentor and friend, Michael Jackson.  They talk about the child exploitation that they were put through, but finally now as adults felt they had the strength to speak up, and hopefully encourage others to also do so.

After watching this, I had a mix of emotions. I then look to social media to find the hurls of abusive that the gentlemen are receiving, and regularly hearing the phrase, ” do you think they’re lying?” I am utterly disgusted by the attitudes and behaviours of other people. Why are you judging someone else? They’re human beings and are speaking about their pain. It must be incredibly difficult to do so and I wonder why humans have to question such a sensitive matter.

By calling them liars and questioning their statements, all you are doing is silencing other victims into not wanting to speak up due to not feeling that they will not be believed. This is disgraceful behaviour. Imagine if this was your child? Imagine the mental pain victims must go through. Have some compassion!

If you don’t have anything positive to add, then don’t say it. Keep your opinions to yourself.

If anyone has every experienced anything like this at all, and wants to talk, I’m here, and I offer no judgement. I will simply listen.  Unlike many others, I would like the world to become a much nicer, and more supported place to live in.


Love as Always;


Donna Marie Howard





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